Saturday, November 29, 2014

Things to be thankful for.

Happy Holidays everyone! I have to say this year has been a struggle. However, it seems to be ending on a good note. My heart has been behaving since the ablation surgery. The hydroponic plants gave me a lot of tomatoes and cucumbers. Also, my love of polish has not been a real issue all year. The novelty has worn of with people and I think they realize I am the same guy (with prettier nails). The first picture is todays color. The second is what I wore to Thanksgiving dinner. The last picture is a Pendant I made for my daughter. We are both big Supernatural fans.

If you have followed me for a while, you might know I have tried acrylic and Custom nails. I developed a sensitivity to nail glue and stopped wearing the CNS nails. I am now using CND gel to add strength to my natural nails while I grow out the damage from my allergic reaction. My nails grow slow, so I used nail forms to extend them to this length. Some of the nails are actually this long and others needed help. The gel isn't that hard to do with a good UV light. I bought a 32 watt lamp on amazon for less than $30. It also works great for gel polish. I like the clear gel polish on my nails. It allows me to change colors without having to use a base coat. It saves a lot of time.

BB Couture Bullfighter

Zoya Godiva

My first nail polish pendant

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  1. Happy Holidays! Great to hear that your nails are becoming less of an issue for people. ^_^ Sometimes all it takes is time and patience. So glad your heart is doing better and that pendant is amazing, too! Great job!