Saturday, May 28, 2011

How long does it take to get good at applying polish.

I decided I wasn't going to take off the still perfect polish my nail tech applied unless I could do an equally good job. To test the waters, I tried polishing one hand. What a disaster! Either I miss the sides of the nail or I end up with a pool of polish down the sides. The nail tech makes it look so easy. If I don't get better, I'm going to start to develop a complex. Maybe a pair of vise grips would work to pull the skin away from the sides so I can get polish on the nail with out painting the skin.


  1. Ooo Jim don't do that it sounds painful and could damage your skin too, and just nooo! All you need is practice, practice practice :) maybe your daughter will let you practice on her? Keep at it mate, you'll get there :)

  2. I tried, she is funny about stuff like that. She won't get a pedicure because she doesn't want anyone touching her feet. I hope she will let my try her nail sometime. Next time I here "I'm bored", I will try again.

  3. Like BN said, "practice practice, practice". It took me several months of doing mine, until I even got marginally good. I practiced a lot with cheap Sally Hansen stuff I got at CVS or Wally World, that way I didn't blow my budget with screw ups. My wife helped me a bit, but my nail tech patiently walked me through it a few times.

    If you do get polish outside of the nail, just wipe it off immediately with your thumb or fingernail, or use an orange stick dipped in remover.

  4. Good advice there Kevin, I totally agree :) and its great to see guys into nail polish too xx

  5. here is what I would recommend...
    Din;t have so much polish on your brush when you are starting out, there are only a couple of finishes that are very finicky on application (like matts, holos, and some jellies) So you can always add more color! The more practice you get the easier it becomes to figure out what is the "right amount"
    Take your time and work in a well lit area, and then have a little eye liner brush, and some acetone handy to be able to clean up around the nail in case you make a bit of a mess.
    This is a pretty good eample of it (
    The most important thing is to have fun!
    And thanks for following my blog!
    Chromatic misadventures!

    I don't knwo why it wont let me post with my google account, but I didn't want to be anonymous =P

  6. Thank you for the link to your "how too". You should have been able to post using Google. I guess I am going to have to be patient and practice. I read your post on cuticles and am going to try and not clip them.