Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Passing out compliments

Kevin's comment in an earlier post reminded me of how surprised women are when you compliment them on their nails or pedicures. I didn't realize that most men must not notice or say anything. I guess now that i know what it takes to keep your hands and feet looking good, I am more appreciative of a nice mani or pedi. It also made me think that it would be awkward to have a girlfriend that didn't take care of her feet. However, I guess it is unlikely I would find a girlfriend that didn't; since a women that doesn't probably wouldn't understand my interest in painted toes. It also would be awkward having nicer feet than my girlfriend!


  1. LOL! A few weeks ago, my wife and I were out with another couple. Her best, and most outspoken, friend Barbara was complaining about the big deal Sean Hannity had been making about Jenna Lyons painting her son's toenails pink. She said that if it was OK with the boy that it shouldn't matter to anyone else. I asked her, what if she wanted to paint her husband's toes (this was before she knew I did), and she said she thought it was OK for little boys, but men should just stay away from the "colored stuff". I pointed out to her that there were a few companies that were marketing colored polish for men, and she said, she thought it would be OK for rockers, but that's about it. Then I slipped out of my clogs and showed her my nicely painted (OPI "Suzi Loves Sydney") toes, and she went absolutely speechless for almost a minute (a milestone for her).

    She kept looking at my feet, then looking at me, and went back and forth several times, then finally asked, "how long have you been doing that?!" I told her "about three years or so." She just didn't know what to say. All of the time, my wife was laughing, and Barb's husband Jeff was giggling too (he already knew). Finally she said, "WOW! They really look great! I would've never thought a guy's toes could look so sexy." Then she told Jeff, "You're goin with me the next time I get a pedicure." He said, "OK, but it's gonna cost ya." Then she said, "You do and you can get as much as you want any time you want." I came back with, "What about me?" We all had a big laugh about that.

    Now whenever the four of us are together, she asks, "So, what color today?" It has really injected a lot more fun into our relationship.

  2. Awesome story, It shows that if they take the time to really look and see the whole person, they can accept a guy with polished toes and not see him as gay. She went from yuk to sexy pretty quick.

  3. Here's the "Suzi Loves Sydney". Sorry I used my phone. It's all I had at the time.

  4. I saw that today. I was looking at the reds trying to remember the name. Thanks for the picture.