Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nail Stamping for Bad Ass Challenge.

Left Hand

Right hand
When the topic for this weeks Stamping Sunday challenge was "Bad Ass Nails", I knew I had to do it. This mani is definitely one that doesn't go unnoticed when I am out and about. The spikes have stayed on good since I used super glue to put them on. I couldn't spend all that time doing them just to take this mani right off after pictures. Amazingly, none of the spikes came off during the 24hrs I wore this mani. For everyday nails, I might incorporate one of these nails as an accent when wearing "manly" colors. However, I really prefer solid colors or full nails stamping images. The smaller spikes are a good size to wear. The larger spikes inflict way more damage. The skulls were made with Sugar Bubbles 006 plate. I did it as a sticker so I could color the skull in with the white. The eye ball started out as a planet earth stamp and I just filled it in with white to get a big circle. I used a dotting tool to make the pupil. I decided to use a yellow glaze over they eye to make it yellowish. I often make these type of stamping stickers ahead of time and store them in a plastic case with little compartments. The last a few weeks before they start to get brittle.

I hope you liked it for an over the top type of mani. It isn't something you would see me wearing on a day to day basis. It was more of a learning experience than anything else.


  1. Looks great, but I'd be afraid of poking my eyes out with all those spikes!

  2. Very creepy! I have just started a blog on nail art! if you want have a look, you are welcome!