Thursday, May 15, 2014

Godzilla inspired nails.

After seeing a commercial, I decided I need to do nails for going to this movie. I loved Godzilla as a kid. The old movie was cheesy, but that just made it even more fun. I decided to do these with out any using any stamping. I used a sharpie cap as a large dotting tool for the eyes and I used my small dotting tool for the nostrils. The rest was done with pieces of makeup sponge. I also used a small brush for the teeth pupils and toe nails. The right eye was the second one I did and I like the shape and shading better. This mani was really a learning experience for me. I hope you like them.

BTW, I have been struggling with a skin condition. Even with moisturizer out the wazoo, my skin gets dry and rough. I have been using cuticle oil at least 4 times per day just to keep them looking that bad. You don't want to see them when I don't keep them oiled.


  1. Dag, these are amazing!! The sponge gives it such great texture, and I love those eyes! Hope you get some dry skin relief soon. Hope you're feeling much better overall, in fact. Take care and all the best!

  2. Thanks! I am feeling better. I had surgery yesterday and it has helped.

  3. Hi jim can I ask a photo of you with your nails painted also the toes . Im reallyfan of yor nails !

    1. All most all my nail and toes pictures are on flickr.
      You should be able to find a picture there.

  4. These are amazing! Well done :)